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Baumgarten Changing Tabletop - Clouds.

Material: 4 mm plexiglass (acryl)Weight: 2.5 kgDimensions: 65 cm x 50 cm x 25 cm

Holes: 4 x 4 mm predrilled holesSuitable up to: 11 kgDesigned by: Kirstine Baumgarten Olsen

Baumgarten Changing Tabletop - Clouds

  • The tabletop must be used together with a changing pad. For optimal security the tabletop must be placed on a stable, level surface with these minimum measurements: L 48 cm x W 55 cm.

    Cleaning the tabletop: Use warm water with a mild detergent and a soft cloth. Using a scourer will scratch the surface. And do not use hand desinfection gel, hand spray, ethanol, benzene, alcohol or other chemicals on the changing tabletop.

    The changing tabletops fulfill relevant requirements from DS/EN 12221-1+2.


    WARNING:Never use the tabletop across a bathtub or a cot. And never leave your baby unattended.

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